IRP Infra Tech Pvt Ltd – We craft the future with quality construction. 

We are committed to providing highest quality, end-to-end infrastructure services to the Government departments, Public and Private sectors. Betting on our expertise and experience in the emerging standards, technologies and quality benchmarks of the infrastructure industry, we offer a broad spectrum of construction, engineering, project designing, project management and associated services.


“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all, achieved through consistency and quality”

Timely Execution

In more than a decade of our journey, we built a reputation for delivering the projects on time. Our experts create a perfect roadmap for works, foresee possible obstacles and clear them before they surface. We respect the time of our clients, as much as ours.

Advanced Equipment

Science and technology advancing at God Speed. The company believes that the latest equipment can deliver work with superior quality and safety standards. Our approach minimises the time and energy required, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

High Adaptability

Versatility plays crucial role in the road to success. We have positioned ourselves to adapt with new forms of work, handle tools with new set of controls, and deliver a task completely alien to us, in less span of time.

Skilled Workforce

In the construction industry, skilled workforce is not just an asset for the company, but more than the backbone. The company always supports it employees to keep up with advancement in the industry by training them in technical aspects and financial matters, laying equal emphasis on the health and overall well-being.

Earnest Leadership

Led by agile and visionary directors, we are an organisation with long-term growth plans. We have the most enthusiastic and charismatic personalities as top management, who lead by example, inspire the subordinates, and motivate the teams to work together as one.